Entry #3

Learning how to make songs p r o p e r l y!

2017-05-09 15:43:40 by Isaac920

So, i was finding out by myself how to make songs without presets or samples (Yeah , i know, i only uploaded 1 song an that song is made of pure samples) in FLS12,and yep, i know the basics of making melodies, drum, bla bla bla... so.I will start making REALLY  original content and no just repetitive songs.


And, 4 you 2 know this before all,im Argentinian so my native language is spanish, so i can not speak very well sometimes, and i am trying to NOT USE Google Traductor, because i want to improve and make it look more natural.

So, goodbye, and thanks for reading some of my boring mess before I start uploading content.





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