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those movements are so robotic (moves in just one pattern and those legs are very static) and the lines and shapes have no personality (too flat, very simple color choice)
these hands are bad, look like something really strange, not like hands (i recommend to use references if you are starting with this, and doing comics may help too because you can learn perspectives)
the background is plane as hell too

the character design is generic (another sans-based oc...)
sometimes, when he moves his eyes in a crazy way, it doesnt look very good... more like derp

the character movements doesnt really sync up very well with the music

the song is o-k, but well here what i want to analyse (most importantly) is the animation itself so, hope this can help you, buddy

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zechy2005 responds:

Okay thanks for your review, I know the design is kinda generic, but I do agree with a lot of your pointers I will try to use your pointers in my future projects. Thanks.


that sound effect can improve

TheBabbleBeast responds:


The "unexpected" end just freaking got me
keep up this things

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Bad, just really bad, looks like some fabric-layout game

no context, no mission, no history, no sound, no music, really really bad graphics and just looks like some crappy test game that needs to be blamed

put more effort next time

"Saint Killer is back in town to kill more saints please rate 5/5"?

More like 0/5

literally nothing but some sprite on screen changing positions and then a "jumpscare"

blam this

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Come on, this is terrible and really unnoriginal, dont upload "tests" for a portal like Newgrounds... better upload a full (and original) game that is actually funny
-The jump isnt fluid.
-Background is ugly as the ground.
-The thing is just jumpin and doing the same over and over again, not funny.

Blam this.

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TheUglyDollKing responds:

Not funny? It was never intended to be funny. lel.

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Lo siento bro, reportado.
Newgrounds no es una guarderia de contenido robado para que niños lo usen en sus niveles.
Saludos y ten mas respeto por lo que es esta pagina en si y por los creadores de contenido.

Está buenisimo, esa sensacion de guerra medieval esta de 10

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You can´t upload this.

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I cant unsee this...
-the anatomy...: looks just terrible, the arms looks like some sticks and not like real arms, the breasts are just terrible and disproportioned, the hands are ugly as hell too, and the head and someother stuff like the low part of the body looks just plain bad
-the coloring: just some ugly color election and degrading, no shading makes it look worse too
-try not to use game textures, thats just lazy and can be considered as content stealing

iorilicea responds:

I don't use the game textures, I made this manually, and yes, I need some practice!
But please, not bullying :'c

it can improve a lot, its just looks bad overall, but here are some things you may know
-dont use textures from the game (the booster and the green orb...), its just lazy and practically, content stealing
-try doing better and fitting backgrounds
-and finally, the lineart and coloring/shading is just terrible

ZeldaSonicFan2004 responds:

Oh well. Thanks for the advice, BTW.

Its not, just some textures of the original game
try something with effort

I just like doing pixel arts and drawings , trying to be better each time i make one. I like playing games and make them too - I do art requests; if you want one, send me a DM here on NG or in Twitter and i will tell you if i can atm

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